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Are you an author or publisher of spellbinding witchy fiction looking to captivate a devoted audience eager for mystical tales and enchanting narratives? Look no further โ€“ our newsletter is the perfect platform to showcase your magical masterpiece!

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Targeted audience

Reach a community of over 5000 avid readers passionate about all things witchy and magical. Our subscribers are hungry for captivating stories that transport them to otherworldly realms.


Proven engagement

Benefit from a high-engagement platform with impressive open and click-through rates. Our subscribers actively seek out new releases and hidden gems within the witchy fiction genre.


Tailored packages

Choose from a range of advertising options to suit your promotional goals. Whether it's a banner ad, sponsored content, or a dedicated feature, we have the perfect package to elevate your book.

Newsletter features



$45 AUD (approx. $30 USD)

  • 1 slot per newsletter.
  • Full price or discounted book.
  • Your name in the subject line.
  • Top spot in the newsletter.
  • Pro-designed ebook image.
  • Blurb included (200 words).
  • 3 links via buttons included.


$30 AUD (approx. $20 USD)

  • Only 1 slot per newsletter.
  • Showcases you as an author.
  • Your name in the subject line.
  • Second spot in the newsletter.
  • Your author photo included.
  • Your author bio (200 words).
  • 1 link via button included.

New Release

$15 AUD (approx. $10 USD)

  • 9 slots per newsletter.
  • Promote your new release.
  • Third spot in the newsletter.
  • Pro-designed ebook image.
  • Mini blurb (15 words).
  • 1 buy link to your book via button included.

Book Spotlight

$10 AUD (approx. $5 USD)

  • 12 slots per newsletter.
  • Highlight a free or discounted book.
  • Fourth spot in the newsletter.
  • Pro-designed ebook image.
  • Micro blurb (10 words).
  • 1 buy link via cover included.
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Payment information

Our bookings are run through a third party website that charges a ticketing fee of $0.50 per booking, as well as a card-use fee of 2.5% per transaction. These fees are absorbed by us - meaning that the prices above (in AUD) are exactly what you will be charged by Witchy Bookworms. The only extra fee you may be charged is an international exchange rate fee from your bank, as we are located in Australia. These fees will vary depending on your bank, but should be around the 3% mark. Please check with your bank before purchasing.